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Smoke has been used for centuries as a spiritual and ceremonial cleansing tool, and it’s time to rediscover its power!

In this blog, we’re going to be exploring how smoke cleansing can help bring peace and clarity into your life. So, get ready to take a breath of fresh air – literally!

A note on cultural appropriation

Certain herbs are simply not for everyone; it is important to acknowledge closed practices. White sage, Palo Santo, and Sweet Grass, (non extensive list)It’s important to do research on the ingredients we use in our craft. I find it appropriate to mention the overharvesting of these plants has led to their endangerment. Other people’s cultures are not our commodities and should be respected. There are over 700 varieties of sage for you to choose from. If you find yourself thinking “well it's just a plant” then it’s not the practice for you. To these cultures they are more than plants. They are symbols of resistance and cultural survival, these plants are medicines to cultures who are healing from 500 years of colonization. 

What Is Smoke Cleansing?

Smoke cleansing is an ancient practice used to cleanse, bless, and protect a space, person or object. It has been practiced since ancient times by many cultures around the world and is still used today.

The smoke created through burning herbs serves as a tool to clear away negative energy and create positive energy in its place. It is believed that the smoke acts as a purifying element, which cleans and clears out all that is impure or energetically dense. During this process, the air can become infused with blessings to invite protection, love, healing and positivity into the space.

When taking part in a smoke cleansing ritual, it is important to choose the right herbs for your needs. Some popular herbs for cleansing include lavender,garden sage,cedar, rosemary , and mugwort(although this list is not exhaustive). All these herbs are known for their properties of protection from negative energies or intentions from outside influences. Additionally, some people also use incense such as dragons blood or frankincense to assist with cleansing as well as creating an ambiance of mysticism throughout the ritual taking place.

History of Smoke Cleansing

Smoke cleansing has been used in cultures around the world for centuries. People would burn herbs and perform smoke cleansing as both a literal and symbolic form of protection. It is important not to conflate smoke cleansing with the Native American practice of smudging, these practices while having some overlap are different and most important to note that smudging is a closed and protected practice as part of the Native American religious freedoms act.

Smoke cleansing is still practiced today by many who use herbs such as  garden sage or cedar , some create their own incense mixtures. The smoke these herbs create when burned is still believed to have special properties, such as purifying the air, removing negative energy, and aiding relaxation.

Smoke cleansing can also be used for other things than spiritual practice or physical health; it’s a ritual that can be used to promote emotional growth and healing, too. People may use smoke cleansing to help clear their minds in preparation for difficult conversations with themselves or others, as well as creating sacred space that fosters mindfulness or promotes connection with what they are most passionate about.

So, whether it’s used for protection against negative energy, providing an escape from mental chatter in favor of meditative peace, or simply wafting around fresh-smelling incense – the possibilities of smoke cleansing are only limited by your imagination!

How to Smoke Cleanse

A smoke cleansing ritual can be conducted formally or informally - there are no set rules! When conducting your own smoke cleanse take the time to prepare mentally beforehand by setting an intention of peace before beginning to burn any herbs or incense when conducting your own smoke cleanse at home. As you light each herb slowly repeat this intention while you allow all negative energy present in the room dissipate into nothingness and all blessings remain within its walls reminding those present of strength and serenity each day thereafter.

Smoke cleansing uses the act of burning herbs to cleanse yourself or a particular space of any negative energy or spirits that may be lingering around. It can help promote peace and tranquility within the space and can also prevent such negative energy from entering the vicinity again in the future. This can be done on its own or in combination with other spiritual practices like crystals, meditation, chants, or prayers.

When it comes to smoke cleansing you don’t need much to get started; all you need is an open-flame (such as a lighter), incense burner/ container (a place where you can place your smoldering herb) for safety reasons and some herbs of choice. Safety is key here as if you are not careful you may catch something alight! Choose wisely your intention when doing smoke cleansing. Light your herb slowly but thoroughly enough so that it smokes up more easily when waved around the room/space either clockwise or otherwise depending on cultural beliefs. Make sure you keep the lid nearby when taking breaks from waving it around the room/space that needs cleaning - although do recall safely disposing of any ashes in sand, water or whatever accordingly afterwards. It is important to note that pets, especially small animals should not be present around smoke. Their lungs are not designed to handle really any amount of smoke and it can be dangerous for them.

Smoke cleansing should have beneficial effects such as calming down stress levels and feelings of tension brought about by daily life commitments thus transferring positivity into your world/space instead; You will soon see results after doing this regularly such as fewer spouts of low energy days!

Smoke Cleansing Rituals

Smoke cleansing rituals come in many forms and may include steps like:

  • Setting an intention
  • Calling on spirit guides and deities for assistance
  • Praying for protection from lower energies or just for the wellbeing of people who will inhabit the space afterwards.
  • Opening doors and windows to allow the smoke to have a place to escape if you are performing this ritual inside 

After gathering the right materials – the herbs, a vessel like a shell or stone dish to hold them while they smolder – the ritual begins with lighting the herbs until they smoke. One passes the smoldering bundle throughout all areas of the room in order to infuse it with positive energy or hold it in one’s hands as if meditating on it – whatever works most comfortably for one’s practice.

When concluding smoke cleansing rituals, many traditions practice offering gratitude for participating spirits both heard and unseen that came to lend assistance throughout this time – thanking them for their presence. In closing this ceremony finishes by extinguishing the materials used: shaking out any embers still in bowl or feathering away any remaining smoke before stepping fully out of this world with one's awareness back into ordinary space once more.

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